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An Everquest Guild on Fippy Darkpaw
Welcome to The Witchblade!

The Witchblade is founded upon our mutual love for the game of Everquest and respect in our membership. We come together for an idea we think has merit; celebrating a fantastic mythical genre in MMOG's, best represented by "the original" Everquest and having fun while helping each other enjoy our collective time in Norrath.

Origin of The Witchblade

Inspired by the incarnate heroine, Sara Pezzini, we celebrate a group of friends who enjoy being together, helping each other with adventuring while in the Everquest Realm.  The Witchblade itself  is a mythic icon, rich in a complex history of The Wielder.  Many have been drawn to the Witchblade, few have been called by it.  In this spirit we founded our Guild on the Fippy Darkpaw Progression server in December of 2011.
Guild News

Lost Dungeons of Norrath, Oh My!

Pezinni, Feb 26, 12 10:03 AM.
LDoN Missions, Augments and More~!

Rumor has it that this Monday, February 27
, the Lost Dungeons of Norrath become unlocked on Fippy Darkpaw, offering entirely new and challenging opportunities for adventurers in the lands.  The Wayfarer Brotherhood appears, with their encampments established in North Ro, South Ro and Everfrost Peaks.

Lost Dungeons of Norrath introduces broad-based instanced dungeons to Norrath, revolving around tales of the Wayfarers—an NPC adventuring organization. Players complete adventures for the Wayfarers in one of five different dungeon themes. Each dungeon theme has about ten different variations of the zone, and players can also chose the type and difficulty of their adventure. Adventures are time limited and maximum points are given to successful completion of your selected task within the time allowed.  A failure to meet the goal in the required time still grants points, but at a reduction to a successful win.  When the adventure is finished successfully, players are awarded Adventure Points which can be spent on items, spells, and "augments" at the Wayfarer camps.

Augments are introduced in Lost Dungeons of Norrath, and allow players to enhance existing items by adding an augment to them. Existing items in the game have generally only a single augment slot, so only one augment can be added. Items purchased at the Wayfarer camps occasionally have up to three slots available to augment.

Group composition is said to be made of 4 to 6 adventurers and these must be within a 10-level range to get experience and Adventure Points.  (This was changed later in the timeline to 3-6 in group, but will need to be tested once in game.)  LDoN Adventures grant an average of experience to the group, but the difficulty of each mission is set based solely on the level of the character choosing the missions.  There is a small experience bonus awarded for the time a group is in a mission.  Let's have fun and invade the Dungeons~!


Recruitment Drive Weekend!

Pezinni, Feb 16, 12 12:09 PM.
February 16 through February 19 (Thursday through Sunday) The Witchblade on Fippy Darkpaw is promoting our Guild in the recruiting for new members throughout Norrath.

Buffing Stations in all level 45 Zones and below will be offered to the EverQuest Community.  We are focusing on this level group because our roster does not yet have each buffing class represented at level 60 in the game and level 45 is the KEI doorstep, for example.  The same goes for the Healer class and Cleric hit point buffs that will only take on those toons at level 45 and above.

Our Buffing Stations will be spontaneous within the available playtime for our members who are buffing classes and we will organize this on the fly, as we play over the next four days.  From the new Mines of Gloomingdeep, where we currently have an Officer in Evain, to the Plane of Knowledge portals zone, The Witchblade will be present, helping others as we can to enjoy their questing experience.

There are many true newbies coming into EverQuest due to the interest that the Fippy Darkpaw Progression server has ignited in the last year.  With those who are returning players after a long time away from EQ, there are plenty of potential new members playing today.  I have not seen numbers like this on any server for many years and it is both stimulating and refreshing to be able to play a part in this resurgence of the game.

Watch Guild Chat for developments over this weekend!  Officers, be prepared to help assemble a couple current members within our buffing class players to visit zones like Greater Faydark, Paludal Caverns, Dawnshroud Peaks, Marus Seru, and others.

When we are ready we can begin the Buffing-Recruiting messages on New Players, General and other channels in the game.

Help us grow our roster base so that we can best support our Guild Groups and follow the focus path to the Epics for those who so desire as well as several mini-task quests, some future flagging and light raiding.  The future is our to shape for The Witchblade.  Our guild, our fun, our friends.

Thanks all,


Guild Groupings = Recruiting Needs

Pezinni, Feb 13, 12 11:35 PM.
We need certain class characters in Norrath as noted in our Guild Recruiting Needs listing to the right of this Home Page.

Additionally, what we do in our recruiting will grow the guild and contribute to more Guild groups. We lose people who become frustrated with not finding a group and leave us by this frustration.  Yes, some say good riddance to bad blood, but this is hardly a constructive attitude to have and is discouraging to the overall health of any large group of people.

It is a frustration for people when they log in and cannot get any guild response at all, even to a hello, but I remind everyone that in some cases, people are /AFK, or in tough battles already.  Logging in is like voluntarily entering a queue, so expect a long line, and be happy when it is a short one.

I always have an alternative plan at the login screen, so I can play an alt until a spot opens, or if I do not have crucial buffs counting down on my main, I can work on my Epic, tradeskills, and alcohol tolerance!

Good Food for Thought!
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Recruiting Needs February 2012
MonkMid Need Apply
RogueHigh Need Apply
WarriorHigh Need Apply
BardMid Need Apply
BeastlordHigh Need Apply
PaladinMid Need Apply
RangerMid Need Apply
Shadow KnightMid Need Apply
EnchanterLow Need Apply
MagicianHigh Need Apply
NecromancerMid Need Apply
WizardHigh Need Apply
ClericHigh Need Apply
DruidVery High Need Apply
ShamanVery High Need Apply
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